While we intend to make the full list of our audio-visual collections available on this webpage in the future, you can now find some general descriptions of our holdings. For any questions on specific titles and their availability, please contact Mr. Gerald Ottenbreit Jr.

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Audio Collections

The ARC audio collection includes both music and other sound recordings, available on cassettes, LP records, as well as in CD and DVD formats. A large part of the ARC audio collection was produced in the U.S., making it a unique repository of Armenian-American cultural output. 

Below is the general description of the music genres and other sound recordings, held at the ARC.

Music genres

Church music (Sharakans (Hymns) and the Divine Liturgy of the Armenian Church)
Classical music  (by Armenian composers or by non-Armenian composers performed by Armenians on various instruments)
Armenian folk songs
Instrumental music (Armenian Folk Instruments)
Armenian patriotic/revolutionary songs (mostly from the late 19th century)
Armenian pop music (20th and 21st centuries, in Eastern and Western Armenian
Pop music in other languages (Composed and/or performed by Armenians)
Kef time (party) music (Armenian-American, 20th and 21st centuries)
Armenian Rabiz music (Soviet and Independent Armenia, 20th and 21st centuries)

Large collection of audio visual books.

Visual Collection

The ARC holds more than 750 items in its visual collection, available in VHS, CD, and DVD formats. 

The variety of ARC visual resources include:

Documentaries on Armenia, Armenians, Armenian-Americans, the Armenian Genocide, the Armenian Church, Armenian language, history, culture, architecture, and Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh)

Video recordings of Armenian philanthropic and fundraising campaigns, annual Armenian Genocide commemorations, Armenian cultural events, Armenian Church liturgy and worship services

Armenian movies and animation, produced mostly in Armenia, but some also in the diaspora. The collection also includes a few Soviet-era Russian films, popular in Armenia

Concerts and live performances of classical, folk and popular Armenian music, by Armenian popular bands and artists

Armenian stand up and comedy shows

Armenian theatrical, dance and opera performances

News and documentary reports on Armenia, Armenians and Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh)

Recordings of lectures, panel discussions on Armenian subjects, as well as interviews with Armenian Studies scholars

Armenian cooking shows

Armenian language learning tutorials for native English speakers

The ARC has on its premises the necessary equipment for utilizing the visual resources in any format.