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"The Soviet Experience in Armenia and Its Legacy" International Conference

The Soviet Experience in Armenia and Its Legacy
October 2022 conference

After a long delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the ARC’s postponed multidisciplinary international academic conference on “The Soviet Experience in Armenia and Its Legacy” will be held on October 28-30, 2022. 

The conference will seek to analyze the impact of seventy years of Soviet rule in Armenia between 1920 and 1991. It will explore the trajectory of Soviet Armenian society, including but not restricted to critical developments and turning points in politics, the economy, and culture.

The presenters will tackle key theoretical and methodological concepts that help elucidate the Soviet experience in Armenia. The overall aim of the conference will be to analyze dynamics within Soviet Armenia, using applicable theoretical tools and methodologies devised by specialists of the broader Soviet world. At the same time, the analysis of the Soviet Armenian experience will be used to critique and challenge these frameworks. The papers will also explore in the same manner the ways with which Armenian society in the homeland and the Diaspora is handling the legacy of the Soviet era since Armenia regained its political sovereignty and independence in 1991.