Academic Probation

The records of students enrolled in the College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters are reviewed at the end of each term.

Undergraduate students must have a 2.0 cumulative GPA to maintain good academic standing. When a student's cumulative GPA falls below 2.0, they are placed on academic probation. Please see the catalog entry on Academic Standing, Probation, Dismissal, and Reinstatement for the full policy. Pay close attention to the details of the policy, especially those surrounding dismissal. Dismissal can happen after two semesters with a cumulative GPA below 2.0, so CASL Advising wants to work with you at the first sign of difficulty, academic or otherwise.

Students on academic probation are notified via e-mail of their official academic standing, and any impending registration holds, as soon as administratively possible. If you receive this email, please follow the instructions for making an advising appointment immediately.

Probation Contracts

All CASL students on probation should complete a probation contract with an academic advisor. The contract is an opportunity for students to review probation policy and confirm their understanding of the College's expectations of them during their semester on probation. Equally as important, the probation contract appointment is an opportunity to reflect on challenges and pressures that have affected your grades, and to create a strategy for success moving forward. CASL advisors are here to support you during this time, and can connect you with campus resources that are also here to support you academically and personally. 

Registration Holds for Continuing Probation Students

All students who have the academic standing of continuing probation will receive a registration hold. They will not be allowed to register until all grades have posted and their new academic standing has been reviewed. If the student has returned to good standing, the hold will be released, and they may register. If they have met the minimum terms of their probation contract but not yet returned to good standing, the student must complete another continuing probation contract before they will be allowed to register. Students who do not meet the minimum terms of their probation contract will be required to withdraw. 

Advising and Academic Success

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