Minor Requirements

CASL Minors Requirements

Minors are a way to expand your skill set and knowledge, while often staying within the minimum credit hours required for a degree. CASL majors, especially those outside of the sciences, have lots of room for electives. A minor could be a good way to customize your degree to fit your goals for a career, graduate program, or professional school. CASL students can declare minors from CASL and from COB, CECS, and CEHHS. Please see the Undergraduate Catalog for the full list of CASL minors and their requirements.

Additional information on minors:

  • A student may declare a minor by completing a Declaration of Major/Minor form and submitting it to [email protected].  A final audit will be conducted at the time of graduation.  Any declared minor that has not been successfully completed will be deleted from the student’s transcript.
  • A minimum GPA of 2.00 must be compiled for each minor.  The GPA for CASL minors is based on all upper division coursework taken in the discipline of the minor.  The GPA for the CIS minor is based on CIS 150, 200, 275 and all upper level 300-4999 CIS courses.  The GPA for College of Business minors will include all of the following, if taken:  ACC 298, 299; and any upper level 300-4999 courses offered by the College of Business.
  • Students not enrolled in the College of Business BBA Program are limited in the number of College of Business credits they may take. Please talk to your academic advisor for details.

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