Required Withdrawal Reversal

Petitioning a Required Withdrawal Reversal

College work can be challenging, and many things in life may distract students from the time management and personal investment that needs to be made to complete a bachelor degree.  Required to Withdraw status gives you an opportunity to take the time to consider the value of your education to yourself, your family, and your future, as well as the steps you will put in place to assure your success if you are reinstated. Please refer to the catalog entry on Academic Standing, Probation, Dismissal, and Reinstatement for policy information.

The exercise below is designed to assist you in reflecting on your personal situation and what you might need to do in order to be a successful student.  After completing the exercise, please use it to guide you in writing a narrative (500 words or less) on why you desire another opportunity to put your academic house in order.  You are not required to include the exercise with your narrative and petition, but you may do so to better represent your self-assessment.

Link to Exercise (PDF)

Petitions for reversal of required withdrawal actions should be submitted at least two months prior to the semester you would like to re-enroll so you will have the benefit of an earlier balanced class selection.  

For Fall, registration generally begins in April so you will want to file in February.
For Winter, registration generally begins in November so you will want to file in September.
As for Summer, with its half terms, it is not recommended for re-entry.

If the RW action is reversed, you return to a continued probation status where you will be guided on classes to consider taking, and you will sign a probation contract for a minimum term GPA that will improve your cumulative GPA.  Unfortunately, you will be on hold for the next registration, but it will be motivation to do well, get off of probation, and return to good academic standing.

Submit your petition, as well as a Readmit Form (PDF), transcripts of academic work completed in your time away, and your 500 word narrative via email to [email protected]The self-assessment exercise is optional; however it does provide additional insight into your situation and the changes you have made to be successful.

Honor Points Matter

The GPA is figured by dividing your GPA Hours by the Quality Points on your transcript - look at it!  The Honor Point deficit is figured by multiplying the GPA Hours by two and then subtracting the Quality Points.  UM-Dearborn does have a generous repeat policy so it is worthwhile to repeat a course as long as you excel the next time you take it!  C grades will not improve the honor point deficit, B grades are required or repeating a course(s).  See Grades and Grading, on the Office of the Registrar website.

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