Find helpful advising forms.

Change of Program, Major, or Minor

Declare, delete, or change major (or areas of focus in General Studies or Liberal Studies), or minor.

Declaration of Certificate

Declare or delete certificate program.

Declaration of Pre-Professional Attribute

Use this form to declare (for informational and advising purposes only) a pre-professional attribute, such as pre-law, pre-med, etc.

Incomplete Contract

To be completed when an instructor has agreed to grant an Incomplete in a class. Please see the Undergraduate Academic Catalog for policy regarding Incompletes. CASL would like students and faculty to follow these instructions when completing the form:

This is a PDF form, and requires the use of Adobe Reader.  Adobe Reader can be downloaded free at:

1. The student downloads the form, completes the student section of the form, and emails it to the faculty member.  The faculty member, in consultation with the student, completes the third portion of the form.

2. The faculty member submits the form to the academic unit.

3. The academic unit will complete the second portion of the form, which includes the deadline for completion.  Here is the location and email information for each unit's advising office:

                   CASL: Advising and Academic Success 1039 CB

                   COB: Undergraduate Student Services Office 168 FCS

                   CEHHS: Office of Student Success 262 FCS

                   CECS: Advising and Academic Success 2000 HPEC

4. The academic unit will give a copy (physical or electronic) of the contract to the student, the faculty member, and inform them of the date of completion, then will submit the contract to the Office of the Registrar via email ( or by campus mail (1169 UC). Email is strongly suggested, as it provides a record  of when the form is submitted. 


Request exceptions to policy or curriculum. Please read the guidelines for petitions carefully. All petitions are submitted electronically.


Submit if you were previously enrolled as a degree-seeking student but did not graduate, have been away for a calendar year or more, and now wish to re-enroll as an undergraduate student.

Request to Exceed 18 Credit Hours

Request permission to enroll in more than 18 credit hours.  Students requesting such permission are expected to have a 3.00 or higher GPA at UM-Dearborn. Previously, this was requested on a unique form; requests to exceed 18 credits in a semester will now be made via the online petition.

Time Conflict

Request permission to be enrolled in two courses that overlap slightly.


Transfer Equivalency Request

Submit the completed form to check the transferability of a course(s).

Advising and Academic Success

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