Meet the Staff

The goal of CASL Academic Advising is to help you shape a meaningful liberal arts education.

Your educational development is a process. As each year ends, you should reflect on your academic growth and success, re-evaluate your goals, and develop ideas of what to add to your experience. A yearly advising appointment will keep you on track. 

CASL Advising and Academic Success Staff

Susanne Gassel, Director

Marlene Dupre, CASL, Assistant Director of CASL Records

Kyle Sutherland, Assistant Director of Advising and Academic Success

Charlotte Brisbois, Academic Advisor

Gwendolyn Darga, Academic Advisor

Anita Miller, Academic Advisor

Maryam Peaks, Academic Advisor

Maureen Sytsma, Administrative Assistant Intermediate




Advising and Academic Success

1039 - College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters Building
4901 Evergreen Road
Dearborn, MI 48128
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