When to see an Academic Advisor

Times To See an Academic Advisor

  • The semester you transfer from the START OFFICE to CASL Advising. This is the perfect time to start building a new advising relationship.
  • Before you register for classes (scheduling assistance and requirement review)
  • Sophomore year, to discuss how to make the most of your college experience (e.g. study abroad, co-op, internships, minors, second majors)
  • Junior year, to build a graduation plan
  • Senior year, to update and finalize your graduation plan
  • Whenever you need assistance and are not sure where to start

Advisors are available through appointments and drop-in advising. Appointments are generally 30 minutes long, but junior year graduation planning may need follow-up meetings. Drop-in advising is best suited to scheduling issues and quick questions. Quick question may also be emailed to [email protected].

Additionally, CASL Faculty Major Mentors are available. Every discipline has a representative who is available to talk to students about the major or minor from a faculty perspective. Great issues to discuss with faculty mentors include:

  • Whether their major or minor would be a good fit for your interests and skills
  • Course selection when there are multiple options to fulfill a requirement
  • Possible career paths
  • Anything related to graduate school

To connect with a faculty mentor, you can either contact the department office or CASL Advising for the current professor's name and email address. 

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