Learn about CASL degree requirements.

The Dearborn Discovery Core (DDC) was created to assure graduates have Foundational Studies (specific skill sets), Areas of Inquiry (informed citizenship), and a Capstone (draw it all together). All freshmen who start Fall 2015 or later follow it and all transfers admitted Fall 2017 or later will follow it. Students may opt into it also. For specifics on DDC and courses used to meet requirements follow this link:


In the Schedule of Classes, courses have attributes. Attributes are used in Degree Works, the campus progress to degree software each student learns at orientation, to show course options for major requirements as well as DDC.

  • Attributes

    GEWO=Written and Oral Communications

    GEWI=Upper Level Writing

    GEQT=Quantitative Thinking and Problem Solving

    GECC=Critical and Creative Thinking

    GENS=Biological and Physical Sciences

    GESB=Social and Behavioral Analysis

    GEHA=Humanities and the Arts




CASL students are also required to complete one year of foreign language. This requirement may be waived if three years of language were studied in high school and a grade of C or better was earned in the final semester.

CASL students in the Honor’s Program meet DDC requirements through their specific coursework.

If the courses in DDC are counted separately, they equal a total of 46 credit hours, 54 hours with the language requirement. However, course may be shared to meet up to four requirements at one time. Only a few courses go four ways, but many go two ways and some go three.

Students admitted prior to Fall 2015 as freshmen should see a CASL advisor to review their general education requirements. Transfers admitted Summer 2017 or prior should also see a CASL advisor to review their general education requirements. These requirements are outlined in Degree Works which again is learned at orientation. All admitted students attend orientation.

See a PDF of Degree Works, the courses required for majors behind the attributes listed in the PDF, and a four year plan for graduation (not available for all majors).

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