Putting Together a Workable Class Schedule

Each time you register, you should take the time to run your degree audit to see what you still need to do.  

Your degree requires a minimum of 120 hours.  Therefore, a freshman who wants to finish in four years, should aim for 30 hours a year. This can be accomplished by taking 15 credit hours in the Fall and Winter; alternatively, you can take 12 credit hours in the Fall and Winter, and six in the Summer.

Many UM-Dearborn students have obligations outside of school, such as working, family commitments, membership in organizations or team sports, and transportation restrictions, which should be weighed as you prepare your schedule.  Balancing school and other commitments well is necessary in order to be a successful student. A degree is a substantial commitment of money, time, and energy. Don't schedule your courses just to finish your degree; schedule them in a way that allows you to really learn the material from your courses and earn the highest grades you can. Balance looks different for each student. Some students may need to take 6 credits a semester; others may choose to reduce their works hours so they can be full-time. Academic advisors can help you examine your options and find the right balance for your situation.

While creating your schedule, keep in mind that all courses are not offered every semester.  In fact, many courses are offered only once per year or every other year.  Graduation planning is necessary to assure that you fulfill all your course requirements. Most majors in CASL have posted their three-year course offerings online so that you can create a graduation plan with confidence. The three-year plans are subject to change, so it is best to update your graduation plan regularly. Your academic advisor can help you create a graduation plan in the Plans feature in Degree Works, which you can then access at home.   

Classes do fill.  Once a course is filled, no additional students will be permitted to register for it during the registration period.  A closed class list is also available on the Registrar’s website.  Some classes have a waitlist, and you may waitlist a class if it is filled.  See Waitlist under Key Term Definitions on the Registrar’s website.

Under-enrolled courses may be canceled prior to the first day of classes or during the first week of classes.

There are deadlines for adding, dropping, and withdrawing from classes at the University, which are listed in the university academic calendar.  Each semester you should note these in your calendar.

Advising and Academic Success

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