Goals for Your Education

Goals for Your Education - Discover, Decide, Design

First Year

  • Open yourself to exploring one class that you have not had the opportunity to take before
  • Hone your study habits and set up study time into your weekly calendar (2X your elected hours)
  • Plan to join one student organization and/or attend on campus events to create relationships with peers and possible mentors
  • Learn what it means to be a responsible member of an academic community
  • Learn how to use Degree Works
  • Meet with your academic advisor and start building your degree plan
  • Complete 30 hours to degree

Second Year

  • Enroll in pre-requisites for possible CASL majors
  • Use your first year experience to re-evaluate your original plans; strengths vs. weaknesses
  • Investigate Study Abroad options
  • Visit Career Services for resume review and build your resume
  • Investigate and apply for internship or co-op experiences for summer/fall
  • Review your overall degree progress with your CASL advisor, make a 4 year plan if not already done
  • Complete 60 hours to degree

Third Year

  • Declare your major and begin to consider minors, certificates, or a double major
  • Consider performing research or doing an independent study with faculty in preparation for graduate school or the professional world
  • Visit Career Services for resume review and update your resume, become aware of recruitment schedules -Apply for internships or co-op experiences if not already done
  • Meet with your CASL advisor for Junior Year advising and create a graduation plan
  • Use your mentor network to investigate graduate school options
  • Complete 90 hours to degree

Fourth Year

  • Take the class you’ve always wanted to take
  • Final opportunity for internships or co-op experiences
  • Apply to graduate school or for professional jobs
  • Meet with your CASL advisor to finalize your graduation plan
  • Use mentor relationships to request letters of recommendation
  • Apply to graduate after registering for your final semester, do not change your schedule once you received notice you are clear for graduation
  • Graduate, 120 hours completed


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