Learn about Major Requirements for CASL students.

Undergraduate Majors

CASL is home to a wide variety of liberal arts majors. Below is a list of our current majors. To view major requirements, please visit our Undergraduate Catalog. Requirements may change each year, so be sure to refer to the catalog year that corresponds to your semester of admission or readmission. Students may choose to change to the current catalog year if they prefer. Please see an advisor for details. 

Undergraduate Catalog

Making the Connection Between Major and Career

Liberal arts majors in the College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters can take you in many different directions. Use this career wheel, created by the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, to see where your major can take you!

Degree Works

*If you were admitted prior to Fall 2013, please see an advisor to review your requirements.

Degree Works is a degree audit tool, which allows students to track their progress towards degree at any time. Understanding how to use Degree Works is an important part of the transition to the University. START advisors will assist students in learning to use the tool, and by the time students move to CASL Advising, we expect they will be using Degree Works on a regular basis to check their requirements. Degree Works uses a "best fit" algorithm to populate requirements. If you ever have questions about how Degree Works is using a course, please ask an advisor. Online tutorials are available if you need to brush up on your Degree Works knowledge.

Degree Works Tutorials

What If

Degree Works can also help a student who is considering making a change to their major, concentration, or minor. The What If function will show how a student's courses fulfill requirements in any of the majors or minors available at UM-Dearborn. The online tutorials include one on running a What If audit. CASL advisors also use this tool in appointments when helping students explore their degree options. If you are considering switching majors, adding a second major, or adding a minor, please make an appointment with us. There are so many possibilities, and we can help you to identify which majors and minors are the best fit for you.  


CASL Majors (please see the Undergraduate Catalog for requirements)

Actuarial Mathematics

African & African American Studies

Applied Statistics


Art History (Museum Studies concentration available)

Behavioral and Biological Sciences

Behavioral Sciences


Biological Sciences

Business Studies (available as a second major only)

Chemistry (ACS)



Criminology and Criminal Justice (for students admitted prior to Summer 2016 only)



Environmental Science (concentration in Biology, Chemistry, or Earth Science required)

Environmental Studies

French Studies

Geological Sciences

Hispanic Studies/Spanish


Individual Program of Study

Integrative Studies (three concentrations required)

International Studies (concentrations in Foreign Language and Professional Studies required)

Journalism and Screen Studies (concentration in Journalism or Media Studies required)





Political Science


Social Studies


Urban and Regional Studies

Women's & Gender Studies

Advising and Academic Success

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