Learn about crosslisted and equivalent courses.

Cross-listed Courses

The same course may be taught under two, three or four different disciplines but it is the same class and may only be counted once toward degree credit. For example:  AAAS 239, Intro to Lit: African American is crosslisted with English 239.  Students may elect the course under either discipline, but it is the same course.  If you were majoring or minoring in African American Studies, you would take it under AAAS 239.  If you were taking it to meet the DDC, GEHA requirement, you may elect either way.  Another example is Psych 320/Soc 382, Social Psychology.  You would take it under PSYC if you were a Psychology major and under SOC if you were a Sociology major.

Changing the discipline listed on your transcript for a cross-listed course

You may request a change in discipline for a cross-listed course if needed to make the course populate correctly in Degree Works. A CASL academic advisor can help you with the required paperwork, either in an appointment or during drop-ins.  

Equivalent Courses

Some classes have different course number but, in credit hours toward degree, they have been determined to be equivalent, and may only be counted once in degree credit.  For example: Math 104, Pre-Calc: Mgt, Life and Soc Sci (w/o Trig) is equivalent to Math 105, Pre-Calc (with Trig).  A student must elect one or the other.  A business major or minor allows Math 104, a science major generally takes Math 105.

Advising and Academic Success

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