Each time you register, you should take the time to run your degree audit to see what you still need to do.  

Use the "What If" command to explore different CASL majors.  Your degree requires a minimum of 120 hours.  Therefore, a freshman who wants to finish in four years, should aim for 30 hours a year.  

Many UM-Dearborn students work and go to school.  Some students find professional opportunities through internships and co-ops in their junior and senior year; thus, a five year plan to graduation may become an option.   If you take 12 hours a semester and 24 hours a year, you will finish in a timely fashion with work experience which may create a foundation to your first job after graduation.  

Keep in mind, all courses are not offered every semester.  In fact, many courses are offered only once per year or every other year.  Planning is necessary to assure that you fulfill all your course requirements.  Changing your major may add additional hours to your degree, too.  

Outside obligations, such as working, family commitments, membership in organizations or team sports, and transportation restrictions, should be weighed as you prepare your schedule.  They will reduce the amount of time and energy you can devote to your schoolwork and, if not balanced correctly, could hinder your ability to be a successful student.  Keep in mind the total cost of your education.  It is very important you recognize the commitment you must make to earn your degree.



  • Review your requirements on your degree audit.
  •  If you are a science major, plan for the year, not just the semester.
  • Go to the Registrar website.
  • Click on Registration Timetable to see the date you are eligible to register.
  • From the UM-Dearborn homepage, go to students/UM-Dearborn Connect, and then click on Class Schedule. Choose the term you wish to schedule from the drop down box and click on submit.  Search for classes by selecting a subject and clicking submit.  This will bring up all the courses being offered under that subject for the term, their times, professors, location, etc.  If you want to search for a specific course, you can select the subject and enter the course number in the correct box. Notice the Attributes for Degree Works that are listed.  Once you have found a course you are interested in, you can check for all details by clicking on the hyperlinked course title.  This will take you to the Detailed Class Information; scroll down.  On this page, you will see the remaining seats for the course, as well as if a waitlist has started.  If the class is cross listed, be sure to review "cross listed seats" for total enrollment counts.  "Seats" only reflects the students enrolled under that designation.  It will also show any prerequisites, co-requisites, or course restrictions.  If you click on View Catalog Entry, it will link to the course description.
  • If you find a course that interests you, write down the discipline (i.e. Bio, Chem), the course number, (i.e. 130, 134), 5 digit CRN number (very important), days and times it meets, and credit hours on your Class Scheduling Worksheet.  That way you won’t need to look things up again later!
  • Return to UM-Dearborn Connect, and this time click on Enter Secure Area.  This will require password sign-on.  If you need assistance, click here for Registration Instruction and read web registration instructions.  Register as you did at orientation using the 5 digit CRN number.  You may register for all your classes at one time or course by course.  Be sure to print your schedule and your tuition bill before signing off of the system.

Classes do fill.  Once a course is filled, no additional students will be permitted to register for it during the registration period.  A closed class list is also available on the Registrar’s website.  Some classes have a waitlist, and you may waitlist a class if it is filled.  See Waitlist under Registration Information on the Registrar’s website.

Under-enrolled courses may be cancelled prior to the first day of classes or during the first week of classes.

There are deadlines for adding, dropping, and withdrawing from classes at the University, which are listed in the university academic calendar.  Each semester you should note these in your calendar.

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